Travis Pastrana Did A Jump And I Don't Know Why I Am So Delighted

Car jumps! We’ve all seen them a million times, done by professionals or not. And so I don’t know why seeing Travis Pastrana jump a Subaru WRX over some water at a marina in Maryland on Thursday was such a delight, but it was. It feels like a throwback to a simpler time.


The stunt is apparently for an upcoming Hoonigan video. That means the only video we have of it is from onlookers, but that’s plenty. The jump took place over Ego Alley in Annapolis, Maryland, on Thursday in front of small crowds some of whom, it should be said, could’ve been better about masking up.

Pastrana is an Annapolis native and absolute professional wildman, as you probably know already. Here are a few vids from his jump:

I have read no fewer than three articles in Capital Gazette about this jump, which sure seems as if it got the locals fired up. I am, too, as I apparently could use some more completely pointless car stunts in my life. A balm in these trying times.

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