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Speedtrap-charting app Trapster has always been a must-have for drivers, but the old system suffered because it relied purely on GPS location with no sense of where you were actually traveling. Version 4.5 for iOS 5, which just went live, finally solves this problem.

Back when Nokia/NAVTEQ purchased Trapster I opined about the numerous advantages this deal offered, especially with regards to combining Trapster's data with its new owner's maps.


That's exactly what version 4.5 does, placing all the data submitted passively and actively by users on a slick map that looks fairly similar to what Google Maps offers. This means Trapster can now tell you the speed limit of the road you're on and, if you so wish, warn you when you're exceeding it (good for speed traps).

I played with a little beta version of this software and the best feature was the NAVTEQ-supported traffic overlays, which were clear and use the same dataset NAVTEQ provides for most portable GPS devices.

Of course, It doesn't matter how much better the new version of Trapster is because if you're a frequent driver you've already installed it on your phone. Just don't be surprised when you upgrade the software and it looks a little clearer and works a little better.

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