Transporter Carrying Brand New Corvettes Crashes, Tearing A Hole In A Dump Truck And My Heart

Photos: Alabama Law Enforcement Agency

A truckload of brand new Corvettes still in their packaging wrap was involved in a minor rub with a dump truck in Alabama today, tearing into at least three of the cars, one of which appears to be a new Z06. Are those blood stains? Do cars bleed?

No, cars do not bleed. But my heart sure does at the sight of these innocent, expensive puppies, mangled in a mess of metal from the rolling trap of which there was no escape. The crash also managed to tear a pretty nasty gash in the side of one of those super thick metal dump trucks.


I bet it the sounds were gut wrenching. The three cars don’t look like they’re going to make it. If they need people to just drive the actual new cars places, I’m willing to do my part.


Via CarScoops

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