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It seems like everyone's trying to get in on the cross-branding action for the new upcoming Transformers movie, and the Piaggio, the maker of the Vespa death trap on wheels scooter is no exception. They've got a new promotion running starting tomorrow branding the Vespa as a "Transportation Transformer." For real? Anyway — if you head into a Vespa dealership to test drive a Piaggio-built pooter-shooter from June 14th to June 24th, you'll get to walk out with a free movie ticket to see the new live-action film that'll give you a robogasm. In addition they've also got a contest to enter to win a Vespa just like the one seen in the movie! Oh wow, we can hardly contain ourselves. OK, on this one — we can probably contain ourselves a little bit.

Vespa... Transportation Transformers []
Be your own Transporter Transformer! Enter to win []


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