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Transformers Movie Update: New Vehicle Pictures From Edwards Air Force Base!

Illustration for article titled Transformers Movie Update: New Vehicle Pictures From Edwards Air Force Base!

With the General now going full-tilt into the Transformers movie merchandising and product placement, we're thinking we're going to be seeing a lot of pictures like the one above and the rest in the gallery below. Above we've got all of our favorite bots all lined up pretty-like in their vehicular alt-modes...and all of them are GM products. Well, except for that Saleen Mustang over there on the right...and yeah, Starscream there. Unless of course Starscream's a Saab, and we just can't tell the difference between Saab's and the vehicles they were "born from." And speaking of galleries, make sure to check out the ability to pop up 800 and 1280 sized photos, the links are right underneath each of the pictures. Also, as always, we invite you to check out all of our Transformers coverage via the mini-page or the full Transformers gallery, located below the first.



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People, the F22 is the Air Force's replacement of the F15 as the next Air Superiority Fighter. It's the F22 Raptor Stealth Fighter with Super-Cruise and vectoring nozzles. It's one of the most expensive military aircraft ever, and is built up to the hilt with computers. So much so that some of those computers crashed a couple of weeks ago forcing one of these expensive babies to do an emergency landing in Australia if I'm not mistaken.

The JSF is, as gravrain said, the F35 which is still under development and not finalized. The F22 is finalized and is being field tested and being readied to be officially fielded to Fighter Wings all over the country in a couple of years. There. Check out and search on F22. You'll get some really nice pics of it.

Saab's latest fighter is the grippen and it looks nothing like the F22.