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It looks like there's now a definitive answer on the question of "will he or won't he" when it comes to giving Prime the lips that whatever robotic god never wanted him to have over the past however many years he's been around. TFW2005's pointed us to their scoop on everyone's favorite Autobot leader via Nelson over on the Shoot For The Edit forum. He's saying:

"The photo of OP in the LA Times [above] should tell you what the final decision is on the mouth/faceplate/battle mask is."

Guess that means there's still potential for Michael Bay to create some kind of Optimus on Megan Fox makeout session as part of his desire to push the boundaries of unnecessary love stories in an action movie. The part though that's killing us is that the site Admin who tossed it out there is asking for us to "quit the whining." Yes, well — one of us will quite the whining when his boss decides not to so liberally toss around my childhood memories like an empty energon cube. Just sayin'...

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