Transformers Movie Update: Final Theater Trailer Hits The Web...We Just Had A Robogasm

I See for yourself. It''s beautiful. Screen caps below and we'll have the high-res HD version up shortly.

UPDATE: We've now got a higher-res version going live right now. We're still waiting on the HD version.


UPDATE 2: higher-res version now live — we're still waiting on the HD version — should be receiving it shortly.

UPDATE 3: HD Trailer going live right now, plus check out the secret Sector Seven video we just snagged for ya that gives a nod of the head to some Generation One Transformers! Click here to check that out!


UPDATE 4: HD vid is live! If you want to download yourself, go here.

UPDATE 5: Screen Captures from the trailer have been updated with 1080 HD versions — check out the hotness below in big 1280 size!


Transformers Movie Update: A TV Trailer Treat Before The Big-Screen Trailer This Afternoon! [internal]

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"the mass of the vehicles look disproportionate to the mass of the bots. In the original forms it was a "believeable" possibility."

The original series wasn't really any better in this respect. Megatron sometimes transformed into a gun that another full-size decepticon could fire, and sometimes transformed into a gun that a human or miniature decepticon could fire.