Train Crashes Into Houston Truck Carrying Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Other Exotics

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Let’s gather ‘round and pour one out for the semi full of exotics that lost its life on April 1, 2021 in Houston, Texas. I wish it was an April Fool’s Joke. The hauler, carrying a Ferrari SF90 Stradale and a 488 Spyder, was unable to cross a set of railroad tracks in time before it was absolutely creamed by the oncoming train.


Everyone walked away fine without any fatalities or injuries, but the same can’t be said for the cars in the back of the hauler.

Moe Prince, a local who witnessed the crash, noted that the “the SF90 was fucked up... And I believe a Bentley. It was one of the cars where train struck it right in the middle. They didn’t pull it out,” as per Road & Track.

The investigation is still ongoing, but it appeared that the semi attempted to cross the train tracks and got stuck doing so, local paper The Leader reports. Despite the slow moving freight train, there wasn’t enough time to alert railroad officials to get them to slow it to a stop. The impact jackknifed the rig and pushed it a short distance from the intersection before coming to a halt, but it was enough to do the damage.

Road & Track reported that there were, among other cars, a dark-colored SF90 Stradale, a yellow 488 Spyder, a vintage white Porsche 911, and possibly a Bentley. The full contents of the truck, though, aren’t known. It only seems like the Stradale and the Bentley took the brunt of the hit, since those were likely the two vehicles closest to the point of impact.

Prince told Road & Track that it seemed the driver was unfamiliar with the area, which is what caused the accident. Whatever the case may be, it’s going to be a costly one—an SF90 Stradale alone clocks in at $625,000. 

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“I’m sorry, but your Ferrari’s policy specifically excludes damage that happens on a track.”