Some of you with very long memories might recall having seen my Hayward-style Impala model last year. That was a fun project, but TexanIdiot has taken the whole weathered-model concept a big step further, by making a model beater that actually drives. Welcome to the Trailer Park Special R/C Buick model, which features duct tape aplenty and some marks that might not buff right out. Here's the full project thread; make the jump to see the entire gallery and get TexanIdiot's summary.


Do you remember those Xmods R/C cars featured during the Jalopnik Christmas list right? I've been into them for a few years. Anyhoo, it's common for people to fit model bodies on them to have cars beyond what radioshack sells.

Everyone from 13 year old kids, to professional car painters do these sorts of conversions. Think of it as, your old model car that actually moves. Some are even able to do a full interior in the car bodies. Typically very shiny cars you'd see on the show room floor.

Not me. Nope. After seeing your beat up Impala model many moons ago, when it came time for a competition, I knew what I had to do... Build a "Trailer Park Special" car, and stand out from the show cars..

And here it is, paint fade and all. I just won $50 in a compitition with it, saweeet..

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