Traffic Sign Hacking Spreads To Indiana

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The rash of electronic traffic sign hacking continues despite our pleas to knock it off. Now, hackers in Indiana are warning motorists of "Raptors Ahead."

Despite the humorous nature of hacking these signs, owned and operated by a private company, the hackers are actually providing a useful service here. It's a little known fact there are actually small alcoves of raptors native to the Carmel, Indiana area. In fact, a local motorist was quoted saying "It's kind of crazy. I'm totally confused, I'm kind of expecting … dinosaurs to run down the road, or something." See, if you're going to mess around with signs, do it in a way to help, not hurt. [The Indy Channel]


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Ash78, voting early and often

Cool. Just the other day, I watched a Falcon catch another bird in midflight, right in front of my car.