Traffic Jams: Jimi Hendrix - 'Are You Experienced?'

Traffic sucks, so why not start your morning off with some music? You provide the toast and we’ll provide the jams.

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Are You Experienced?

During the Nashville Grand Prix weekend, I headed to the Musicians Hall of Fame as part of my “I only have one day to be a tourist and I want to do something touristy” push. It was mostly Fine — you’d definitely appreciate it if you have a soft spot for the unspoken music industry heroes that are recording artists, or if you’re really looking at investing in a Gretsch guitar. I am, thankfully, both of those things.

Part of the museum had a great Jimi Hendrix exhibit that featured a fancy entrance with lots of smoke and vintage footage. And would you believe it, ‘Are You Experienced?’ was the song used in that intro.

I wouldn’t call myself a rabid Hendrix fan, but I’ve been actively trying to mellow out a little bit these last few months, and I find that listening to Hendrix often helps. I get the kick of rock music without the overwhelming angst of Type O Negative or the manic pep of Van Halen (my two other go-tos), and Hendrix is just damn good music for prepping dinner and working.


So, here’s my ode to a very cool museum exhibit — and the music that’s been giving me something enjoyable to hold onto.