Trabant + BMW = Hitler

Illustration for article titled Trabant + BMW = Hitler

It’s the easiest mod ever. All you need is a white Trabi and a black BMW grille, and your touching tribute to German unification is ready to roll.


Before I wander off on another of the many Hitler joke tangents this image is saturated with, let me tell you a wonderful story from Munich: a few weeks after I had uploaded this Trabi to Flickr, I got an email from a woman working on an in-house BMW magazine asking if she could use it.

While she discarded my original title, which was Führer Pimp Trabant, she did indeed use the photo and even sent me a copy of the magazine. It was a proper corporate newsletter. Glossy paper. Rich tipography. Proof, perhaps, that the Germans do have a sense of humor.

And as for those Hitler jokes…how about we leave them to the professionals? Blitz or GTFO!


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