Put on your mystery-solvin' pants, kids; we've got us a real enigma today. Like the Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo, Toyota has reportedly come up with a crazy dream car concept for Gran Turismo 6. Supposedly, that's it above, but it may be something more.

Today, French website AutoPlus and Motor Authority report that Toyota is teasing their version of the Vision Gran Turismo supercar. But like the Mercedes, an actual concept — or at least, a full-scale model — could be coming soon to an auto show near you, most likely the Detroit Auto Show next month.

And some people are already speculating that this could be the next Supra. Autoblog last week reported that a potential Toyota Supra successor will be making a surprise debut in Detroit, and we know Toyota and BMW are teaming up to make a new sports car. The last we heard, this car was going to be more of an LFA successor than a Supra. This teaser image is very clearly LFA-ish, too.


So we don't know what the hell this car is yet. Maybe it will be just in a video game, maybe it will be a cool concept we'll see next month, or maybe it will become a reality. We'll see what happens next.