Toyota's Supra GT300 Racer Sounds Way Too Good For It To Really Exist

The new 5th generation Toyota Supra is, by all accounts, a good car but perhaps not a great one. Now is a good opportunity for Toyota to introduce a righteously riotous version of the Supra to go racing, thus extending the Supra’s legendary name. The GT4 version already exists, but on home turf the only series that really matters is Super GT. Lexus already holds a tight grip on the GT500 class, but the Supra will allegedly contest both classes in 2020. This is the GT300 version and it totally rips! 

As you may have known, a Prius was flying the Toyota flag in GT300 with an incredible V8 soundtrack. It is assumed that the new Supra GT300 will carry on that 3.4-liter V8 which has been employed since 2016, and based on the sounds emanating from it those assumptions are correct.


I haven’t heard a great thundering V8 like that since I went to an ALMS race to watch the GT1-class Corvette C6.Rs smash my face with V8 decibels. The street Supra’s inline six sounds alright. Okay, even. But it’s nowhere near as glorious as this shouty race car.

My wife frequently says that all adult car enthusiasts who vocalize the sounds of cars are just letting their inner child out. This Supra makes me want to shout those sounds right back at it. I am a child.


Surely this car has to be a figment of my imagination. It can’t really exist, can it?

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For Sweden

After a thorough investigation, I can report that this car does not exist.