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Toyota's Mythical New Supra May Have A 400-Horsepower Twin-Turbo V6

Illustration for article titled Toyotas Mythical New Supra May Have A 400-Horsepower Twin-Turbo V6

There may be a new Toyota Supra! There may always be a new Supra around, in fact, something we’ve been dreaming about ever since the last one rolled off the Motomachi line in 1998, a rumor with as much lasting power as the one of a mid-engined Corvette. Someday these two majestic creatures will arise from our fevered dreams of automotive perfection, and do battle at the shores of Avalon, the legendary floating island of Arthurian legend, though Corona works too.


Autoguide and other outlets report the rumor this time is that Toyota is developing a twin-turbocharged V6 for the Supra, and it will have more than 400 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. (Incidentally, the much-lauded FT-1 Concept, shown above, was said to have 485 horsepower.)

A Japanese magazine with the fantastic name of Mag-X published the rumor from Toyota insiders, who supposedly also revealed that the internal engine designation is 943F and that if said engine exists, it will also power the next-generation Lexus GS and LS models. Which makes sense—one has to imagine Toyota’s current crop of naturally aspirated V6s and V8s won’t stick around forever.


So far we’ve heard that the next Supra will be 1.) a plug-in hybrid, a 2.) four-cylinder turbo, a 3.) 400-horsepower hybrid GT86, a 4.) new BMW Z4, and 5.) entirely nonexistent.

Illustration for article titled Toyotas Mythical New Supra May Have A 400-Horsepower Twin-Turbo V6

We do know for sure the car is being co-developed with BMW. Both companies have worlds of experience with both turbochargers and sixes—BMW is planning to use its existing turbo four- and six-cylinder engines for its sporting creation, and Toyota’s V6s have been known for their smoothness and surprising power (Lotus equips its Evora with a GR engine to great effect.)


Of course, a top-reigning Japanese sports car with a twin-turbo V6 would bring the Supra even closer to doing battle with another top-reigning Japanese sports car with a twin-turbo V6: the Nissan GT-R. That would be a battle to watch.

And that’s the one thing about rumors: we desperately hope they’re true.

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I can’t help but laugh when people call this the “new supra.” It’s not. It shouldn’t even have that name anywhere near it. I don’t even remotely like the old Supra, but I still respect it’s name. This thing isn’t a Supra. It probably won’t be very affordable (which was touted about the old one when it was new. ‘Affordable’ sports car) and it just ISN’T a Supra. It has nothing about it that relates back to the old Supra. It’s engine is made by BMW! I mean have fun muddling the name of a car that has a lot of respect.