Toyota's Le Mans Prototype Will Go Turbo For 2016

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When I spoke with a Toyota representative earlier this week, he said that most of the World Endurance Championship team’s efforts are going into their 2016 car. The 2015 is off-pace, but 2016 holds some promise. just revealed part of what’s going into that 2016 car: BOOOOOOOST!

“I don’t think we will retain the normally aspirated V8 configuration,” Toyota technical director Pascal Vasselon told “It will be a turbo engine.”


Boom. There you have it. According to, Toyota is probably going to develop a small-capacity turbo engine that will run alongside an 8MJ hybrid system for next year’s TS 050. The TS 050 will also include a battery storage system to save some of its hybrid boost for later.

Vasselon confirmed to what I had been told earlier about this year’s TS 040: developing this year’s car further really doesn’t make sense at this time. Instead, they’re going to tough out the rest of this year and likely pray for rain to slow down Audi and Porsche in the meantime. (Sorry, dudes. It’s supposed to be beautiful this weekend.)


Some of the team’s plans—such as whether or not they would run a third car at Le Mans next year—rely on knowing their budget for next year. (Which they don’t.)

“We know it will be increased, but we know that it will never be at the same level as Audi and Porsche, that’s a sure thing,” Vasselon told “However, it will be increased.”


Will last year’s WEC champions be back in the mix for 2016? We hope so. The more competition, the better.

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