Toyota Truck Owners Clamoring For Recall Over Dangerously Rusted Frames

Apparently the historical anecdotal rust problem with Toyota trucks is rearing its ugly head again, as owners of early decade Tundras and Tacomas are lodging complaints with NHTSA over rusted and dangerously deteriorating frames.


After the bodies on Toyota pickups of the 70s and 80s turned into little piles of brown dust, you'd think Toyota would have figured out how to build a pickup capable of standing up to the elements. It seems you may have thought wrong. Owners of Tacomas and Tundras from between 1995 and 2002 have lodged complaints with the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration over dangerously corroding frames, with some examples so weak you can poke a finger through crossmembers. Stories of large sheets of corroded metal falling off the truck, shackles and spring mounts rusting through, frames so bad you can't weld replacement brackets on make it sound pretty bad. These allegations are very serious, and may lead to NHTSA investigating whether a recall might be in order. [The Boston Channel]

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