Toyota Tests Own Classic Sports Cars For Fun, Because Awesome

You're Toyota. You have a bunch of great older sports cars in your stable. Do you just let them sit around collecting dust, or do you go out and compare them to newer stuff like the Scion FR-S? The UK branch of the company went with the latter, and the results are great.


Over at Toyota UK's official blog, they have a test of four of our favorites: the original Toyota MR-2, its third-generation convertible successor, the first AE86 Corolla, and that car's descendant, the GT86.

The story came together, they say, when their UK social media team started stalking the pristine white 1988 MR2 on the online classifieds ads for their own historical fleet. That car got sold, but they met up with its new owner through Car Throttle and decided to do a big test with all four vehicles.

Okay, how awesome is that? Kudos to the gearheads (or petrolheads, in this case) at Toyota UK for doing something that a lot of us would dream of doing if we worked for a car company: finding an excuse to go hoon old sports cars with their fans.


Check out the full four-part test at this link. Man, the world really needs a new MR2. I wish that would happen.

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