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The Nihon Keizai Shimbun's reporting this morning Toyota plans an increase in production of the Prius hybrid in Japan by 50% in 2007 โ€” that's a jump to around 300,000 of "the little hybrid that could." With Toyota currently manufacturing the hybrid almost completely in Japan and with reports in the past that the production costs are exceeded by the price the automaker from the land of the rising sun sells them for, we're wondering how ToMoCo now thinks it's gonna make money on them โ€” economies of scale? Well, we figured this would need to happen at some point after Toyota announced recently they're looking to sell a cool million hybrids a year by the "early 2010's." That's a huge 10% of the just-under ten million vehicles they're..

...hoping to make. Gee โ€” this hybrid idea sounds great...eventually, if we keep going in this direction, by the time we run out of oil to use in our cars in like 2070, Toyota'll have each and every one of its cars sold still running on it.


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