How to Replace a Hybrid Battery in a Prius (Upgraded Battery)

Not only does relatively little of the interior need to be disassembled, but the only specialty tools you need are actually built into the car in the form of special high-voltage security nuts, and the tool for removing and installing them is molded into the safety circuit breaker. It’s genius.


The other big question in all this is whether it’s even worth swapping the pack on a 13-year-old Prius that’s probably worth only slightly more than the pack’s cost anyway, and I’d say yes. The Prius is still a super relevant, practical, well-built and affordable way to get around, and with current gas prices showing no real signs of slowing down by much, getting 60-plus mpg in town remains extremely appealing.

So, let us know if you would go this route. Or would you cut your losses and sell the dead-pack-Prius cheaply and get something else?