Toyota MR2 To Return As Prius-Based Coupe?

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Reports claim Toyota may build an environmentally-friendly rear-wheel-drive Toyota MR2 coupe utilizing the Toyota Prius Hybrid Synergy Drive. A Prius-based MR2? Yeah, that'd be the third horseman of the Carpocalypse.


The car under speculation would be influenced by the FT-HS concept car Toyota trotted out a few years ago, which was then powered by a hybridized 3.5 liter V6.

The gasoline powerplant is not mentioned, but the car would get a heavily massaged version of the Hybrid Synergy Drive with gear selection courtesy of steering wheel mounted paddle shifters. An unnamed Toyota executive noted the targeted price point is somewhere around $24,000 with a 0-60 MPH time around 7 seconds. So a historically quirky, lightweight mid-engined, manual transmission sports car gets green by going heavy with hybrid bits, an automagic transmission and God-only-knows what powertrain layout. Get the pitchforks. [AutoExpress via World Car Fans]



In other news, Toyota has announced that the vaunted Supra will return as a Venza-based crossover coupe utilizing the environmentally-unfriendly Hybrid Synergy Drive system.

Combining the pointless ground clearance of the Sequoia SUV and the sexy coupe styling of the Solara, the pseudo-coupe SUV thing with a cramped sloping rooflinewill be perfect for enthusiasts who need a sporty-looking SUV for their active lifestyle activities in today's hip, urban youthful dynamic synergistic versatility.

"We thought it would appeal to those who were big fans of the old Supras," sniveled Luciferous Beezlebubb, a spokesperson from Toyota's Dream-Killing and Puppy-Kicking Department. "Having this badge back will definitely appeal to those seeking active lifestyle activities in...oh hang on, you've already read the press release."

"Did you fancy the fast Supra Paul Walker drove in The Fast and the Furious?" drawled Mr. 'Bubb, even after we told him to put his pants back in. "Or how about wringing a thousand horsepower from the legendary 2JZ engine with a pair of turbos the size of Jordan's tits? Well we can reassure you that you won't be able to experience anything close to those with the new Supra."

"However," he shouted as he was being dragged off by the police for public nudity, "it will get less mileage than you think!"

Other features include 17 cupholders, 3-row seating designed with the cooperation of the Little People of America, and gear selection courtesy of a knob on the dashboard as well as the knob in the driver's seat.