Toyota Might Make a GRMN Hot Hatch Version of the Corolla

A regular Toyota Corolla hatch.
A regular Toyota Corolla hatch.
Photo: Toyota

Toyota unveiled its sport-oriented GR performance line back in 2017 and since then, we’ve been treated to GR-ified Centuries, Yarises (Yarisi?), Mark Xes and, most recently, the GR Supra Performance Line Concept TRD. And as for a Toyota Corolla GRMN hatchback? It could happen.


The new Corolla already got our attention because of its hatch option and manual transmission. Recently, Dutch automotive site AutoRAI sat down with Toshio Kanei, Toyota’s deputy chief designer, and learned that the company is supposedly in the planning stages for a GRMN version of the Corolla hatchback.

First up, though, is apparently the Corolla GR Sport, which Toyota could show off at the Geneva Motor Show next month. This would be merely an aesthetic trim version, while keeping to the same engines.


Then would come the Corolla GRMN. Kanei told the outlet:

“We are currently investigating what would be most effective for the European market, but a Corolla GRMN is certainly realistic. We are already working on that. The development takes place under the supervision of Toyota GAZOO Racing. This department has included the Corolla GRMN in the future plan, but for now the project is still in the planning stage.”

“The Toyota Corolla GRMN does not get a hybrid powertrain. We want more power, an even sportier engine and lower CO2 emissions. A four-cylinder turbo engine with an engine capacity of about 1.6 liters can be interesting.”

Personally, I see no solid promises or confirmations here, but I also don’t think a GRMN Corolla is totally out of the realm of possibility. The Corolla platform already exists, the transmission exists, the engine exists. All Toyota would have to do is juice up the engine a little bit and give the car some more performance parts. And on a non-hybrid? Buddy, I’m on board.

The tricky part is seeing if we’d get it here in the States. GRMN isn’t exactly a household name here yet, but we could learn. We could learn real fast!


We’ve reached out to a Toyota spokesperson for comment and will update if we hear back.

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We all know whats going to happen: Europe is going to get the actual hot hatch version, we’re going to read how great it is on Evo or when Kristen flys over to test it, and here in the US we’ll get shafted yet again with a dumb all show no go appearance line, and it’ll compete with the Elantra N line on who’s econo commuter hatch can look the sportiest.