Toyota Loses 25 Percent Of Its American Workforce In HQ Move

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Toyota’s relocation of its US headquarters to Plano, Texas, is a move three years in the making, driven in part by former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s decision to shower the automaker with $40 million in public funds. This week, the new digs officially opened—and it turns out Toyota lost 25 percent of its American workforce in the process. Who’d of thought.


According to the Automotive News, an estimated 3,000 employees made the move to Texas along with Toyota, and another 1,000 positions were being filled with locals to “replace workers who chose not to relocate.” Hm, what’s that? Plano, Texas, doesn’t sound appealing? Did you read our guide to the city?

Toyota said the decision to relocate was driven by an effort to consolidate affiliate locations spread across the US., and save on everything from direct flights to Japan and cost of living in the community. Plano was one of four finalists on Toyota’s list, which makes the $40 million tax break to the automaker even more egregious; one executive described is a “minor factor.” 

Even with Perry’s gift, refilling a quarter of your workforce can’t be an easy task. Toyota has filled about 75 percent of the available positions, reports Automotive News, but it still needs to hire an additional 250 people.

Welcome to Plano, newcomers! Enjoy the Olive Garden.

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