Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carrier

Let's say you're an Alameda resident who drives to work in your Unimog every day, and the price of diesel is inflicting some serious pain on the ol' pocketbook (not to mention the challenge of parallel-parking the 'mog when you go shopping downtown). You could bite the bullet and make an offer on the CRX HF that lives a few blocks away... or you could add a nimble, economical RHD Land Cruiser Troop Carrier to your fleet! Guess which choice Mr. Coast Guard Unimog took?


OK, Land Cruiser experts, here's your chance to fill us in on exactly what I've captured here. I think it's an early-80s African- or Australian-spec HJ45 troop carrier, but that's about as specific a guess as I'm willing to take. Whatever it is, we're now seeing just our second DOTS Land Cruiser, after the '71 FJ40 of last summer.


Getting parts for this beast is probably quite challenging in North America, but how often do you need to get parts when you're driving a vehicle that makes even the Toyota Hilux look shoddy? As long as the owner doesn't wreck it, all should be well.


Where's the winch? It's got the Warlord Grade roof rack and room for a dozen Lord Humungus-style henchmen (and their crossbows), but you wouldn't want to be stuck in the post-Apocalypse world with no winch!

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