Toyota Is Totally Going To Sell A Hydrogen Fuel Cell Car In 2015

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There are probably dozens of people out there who love the advantages of hydrogen cars, like the zero emissions, high prices, and limited infrastructure. And now Toyota wants to sell them a car.

Toyota showed off the concept, in full camo, at CES, and says that the unnamed car will go on sale in 2015. They also say that it'll have a range of 300 miles and refuel in five minutes.

Of course, that five minutes could be a bit longer than five minutes if you run out of go juice when you aren't near one of the literally some hydrogen filling stations in America. Actually, there are just nine filling stations in California now, with another 19 in development and a further 20 supposed to open by 2016.


The problem is Toyota says the car will need 68 filling stations when it goes on sale. Those numbers won't be met when the car goes on sale in 2015, and if you can't fill it up, that's a slight issue.

It'll have an electric motor with around 130 horsepower and should reach 60 MPH in about 10 seconds. Toyota hasn't stated a price, but has said that they'll allow people to actually purchase it. Until now, hydrogen cars from Honda, literally a dozen or so of them, have only been able to be in a lease.

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Initially, there were no electric charging stations either. That hardly seems like a valid reason to dismiss this technology as stupid. On paper, it is a hell of a lot more environmentally friendly than electric, and although I may be in the minority (if you are to be believed) I support going the hydrogen route. Would rather have this than a plug-in any day.

Kudos, Toyota.