Toyota Hilux Runs A Red And Flips Over, Even Caught It On Camera (Wasn't Me)

Dashcam footage captured a Toyota Hilux run a red light, get T-boned and dramatically roll over, all hilariously to the tune of “It Wasn’t Me,” the 2000 hit from Shaggy.

The video description says everyone made it out with only a few scratches.

If some guys are listening to Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” and have almost no reaction to the crash, are they guaranteed to be high?


(No, the answer is they definitely are not guaranteed to be under the influence of the drugs. The real answer is that the people that hit the Hilux knew they hit a Hilux, a vehicle so indestructible that it is generally accepted that it is an alien craft, made of materials unknown to human scientists, and Not Of This Earth. You could jump right across the Grand Canyon in a Hilux, fail to clear the chasm because it actually isn’t that fast, and land in the river below with nary a scratch. Such is the strength of the Hilux.)

(Just kidding, you’d die.)

Via CarScoops

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