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“Hajime” means “beginning” in Japanese, and with that Toyota promises this adorable mini-Jeep is the first of many fun machines they’ve got planned.

This modular Mini Moke-style micromobile is actually the sixth vehicle in Toyota’s Camatte line of tiny concept cars that can be driven by kids.

Like the Sora, Daichi, Takumi, 57s and 57s Sports that Toyota brought to previous Tokyo Toy Shows, the Haijime has a three-seat passenger configuration and can move under its own power with a little electric motor. Body panels are swappable between 13 different “body types” which Toyota’s presenting in 12 colors.

The Haijime is under 10 feet long, 4.3 feet wide, and just over 4’ high. The McLaren F1-style central driver’s seat is meant for kids while the two buckets in back are for parents to be chauffeured around the cul-de-sac.


Toyota’s not letting anyone actually drive it at the Tokyo Toy Show but they will let kids play around with virtual customization on an iPad or whatever (turn it into a hot dog food truck!) and tug at their parent’s sleeves to take one home. Doesn’t seem like the Haijime will be in showrooms or toy stores yet, but it kind of blows the doors off a Power Wheels car.


Images via Toyota

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