Toyota FT-86: Now With High-Res Mega-Gallery!

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There was a time when Toyota knew how to make exciting, sexy cars. The Toyota FT-86 concept heralds a return to those principles. Here's a mega-gallery of 51 never-before-seen studio shots of Toyota's new hotness.


The Toyota FT-86 concept is the fruit of cooperation between Toyota Motor Company and Subaru, and as such will wear a common chassis and some degree of engine commonality, at the least a 2.0 liter, four cylinder boxer engine dubbed the "C-45 Boxer" and making between 200 and 250 HP will power the rear wheels through a manual six speed transmission, and get this - no hybrid system.

Perhaps most telling are the car's overall dimensions. At 163.7 inches long, 69.3 inches, a wheelbase of 101.2 inches, and 49.6 inches high, it's thankfully compact, smaller in length, width and height than the Nissan 370Z, and slightly longer in wheelbase. It's also the first car to wear Toyota's new swoopy styling with some gusto. Dare we say it, we actually like the look of it. It's... exciting, we're so confused here. The interior is obviously all show-car glam and may serve as direction, but we'll be shocked if there are many zippers on the production car's dash. [via FT-86 Club]



On the one hand, this car looks great, but there are elements that really detract from the overall look. The side profile is particularly clumsy looking, like they grafted the front end of an RX8 onto the body of a of a Scion tC. The strange body shape is also apparent when viewing the car from other angles; the car has a wedge shape that doesn't flow very well. I do like the taillights a lot even if they are very reminiscent of the Dodge Intrepid.

The carbon fiber inserts on the wheels are goofy. And there's nothing good about the interior. It's far too busy with all kinds of clashing lines, overly organic elements and odd bulges. However, the opening in the a-pillar is very cool. Whether it goes into the production model and is actually useful remains to be seen.

One of the more encouraging things is that this is a small car and not another bloated beast which has been the trend in recent years.