Toyota Dealers Stop Selling Cars With Heated Seats, Because Fire

Versions of some popular Toyota models can't be sold right now because there may be a problem with their heated seats. And the company doesn't want to take any chances.

Toyota told dealers to stop selling some versions of the Corolla, Camry, Avalon, Sienna, Tacoma and Tundra because parts of the seats may not meet flame-retardant standards.


The Los Angeles Times says Toyota believes it's a small portion of cars affected, but did not give specific numbers of how many of these models can't be sold. Automotive News reports some of these cars were made as early as August 2012, when there was a supplier change.

Toyota also said it's working on a fix for affected vehicles and there have been no reports of incidents of fires pertaining to this issue.

The NHTSA may still issue a recall based on the findings of the report Toyota filed.

For now, though, if you're trying to buy one of these Toyotas with heated seats, wait or buy something else.


Photo: Getty Images

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