Tow Truck Driver Has No Fucks Left Leaving Tesla Parking Lot

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In what I can only liken to some sort of a dystopian horror scenario for cars, one of the best accounts on Instagram posted a video of a tow truck driver having no qualms whatsoever about dragging a helpless Mercedes out of the Tesla Fremont parking lot at an, um, uncomfortable angle.


The @teslaparkinglot Instagram page is populated by a hilarious collection of photos chronicling the sad state of people attempting to park their cars in Tesla’s Fremont parking lot. This is likely why the following Mercedes is being mercilessly dragged away.

It’s too bad the video is muted, as one is left to imagine the desperate screams of the Mercedes. It probably has to endure long car rides listening to its owner talk about how outdated its generation will soon be, and how great his project cars are, coupled with some irrational fits of anger due to lack of sleep and extreme scheduling pressure. I’d expect some serious emotional carnage listed under damages when this thing hits Craigslist.

Also, um, why is it being towed like this? How far can you possibly make it with the car swinging that wide? How ‘Done With This Shit’ is the truck driver?

If the hilarious photos on @teslaparkinglot are anything to go by, he’s probably just tired of dealing with just how bad the state of the parking lot always seems to be. Come on, Tesla employees. You’ve literally designed a car that can park itself, and you can’t manage to make it in the lines?

H/t to Paulo!

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I hope someone towed the driver that he was doing it wrong.