Touring the world in a banana shaped car

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Touring the world in a vehicle shaped like a Banana might be ridiculous, but it is also exactly what brothers Steve and Spade Braithwaite are planning to do this coming spring.


Steve Braithwaite moved to the US from England over two decades ago and has been building hot rods ever since. His latest creation is the "Big Banana Car", a huge Banana shaped vehicle that started life as a 1993 Ford F-150.

After examining a Banana from every angle Braithwaite decided that constructing a Banana shaped vehicle was not only possible, he was going to be the one to do it. After two years of construction, that is exactly what Braithwaite has.


The Braithwaite's Big Banana Car world tour isn't only about touring the world in a ridiculous homemade fruit-shaped vehicle though. The two brothers plan to use the trip to promote awareness of deep vein thrombosis, which led to their mother's death.

With the help of their "Big Banana Car" the pair have already raised $1200 for the cause and they hope it will be much more by the spring when they set off to tour the world in their custom Banana-mobile.

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(Follow the link below to hear an interview with Steve Braithwaite)

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So, I'm from Minnesota, and I'm randomly in Pennsylvania for the week for work. Bored, I ran up to Triumph Brewing in New Hope for dinner. And there, parked out front of the New Hope Arts Center, I saw it!