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Tour LA's Most Exclusive Car Show, Live!

Illustration for article titled Tour LAs Most Exclusive Car Show, Live!

Today marks the first “LA Summer Concours” event in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. Since only a few hundred folks were allowed to buy $250 event tickets, we’ll take you on our own little tour of the $50 million showroom.

Sponsoring the event are Ferrari Beverly Hills, Ferrari Financial, Lamborghini Newport Beach, McLaren Newport Beach, Sage Automotive Group, Fast Cars LTD., Lamborghini Club America, Red Bull, Chubb Insurance, Angeleno Magazine, Speed Society, Elite Cartel, SMG Auto Brokers, CHP 11-99 Foundation, and Chef Mark Peel of Bombo Foods.

Illustration for article titled Tour LAs Most Exclusive Car Show, Live!

If that doesn’t mean enough to you, the cars in attendance are described as “50 million dollars worth of the world’s rarest and expensive automobiles will be on display, ranging from classic Ferraris such as the 288 GTO, 275 GTS, F40, and F50, to brand new models like the F12 TDF and La Ferrari. An exceptional collection of Alfa Romeos like the 1921 G1 race car and Giulietta SV Alleggerita, Lotus Le Mans race cars, Porsche 906 and 918s, Red Bull Rally Cars, to the latest models and race cars from Lamborghini, AMG, Nissan, and McLaren.”


I think the event organizers are hoping to make this an annual thing. Don’t worry if you can’t afford a ticket, we’re bringing you along via livestream!

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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Matt Brown

There should be a Zero Fucks Given car show across the street at the same time next year with ratted out jalopies and people who built them. Tickets are $2.50 and come with a free can of Tecate. I’d go to that show.