Tough Kitty Survives 300 Mile Trip In Truck Engine Compartment

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A little black kitten was found in the engine compartment of a semi truck pulled over for speeding, after that truck had travelled 284 miles from Tomah, WI. Meowing was heard from the engine, and the officer, suspecting an illegal kitten-powered engine booster, checked, finding the cat.


Jalopnik's on-staff vetrinarian, Dr. Eliza Doesnotexitian, confirmed that a running large-displacement diesel engine is "one of the shittiest" places for an animal to reside. "It's hot, full of swirling fans waiting to mulch kitties, belts waiting to strangle, wires and cables and all manner of hot, sharp, oily things. It's amazing the cat managed to survive in there for four hours," she said, or would have, if she existed.

According to NBC Chicago,

The cat has since been dubbed EB for "engine block" and was taken to Kane County Animal Control where the staff describes her as spunky and loves attention.

"She has a lot of energy and is very playful! She has also been around small dogs."

The kitten is expected to be put up for adoption.

What a tough little guy! I hope some gearhead adopts this cat, because it seems like you'd be hard pressed to find a pet more used to engine fumes, noise, and rapidly moving parts. Train EB there to bring you sockets, and you've got a hell of a little helper.

(Thanks, $kaycog! Source: NBC Chicago)


For Sweden


Jason, listen to me.

Fly to Chicago and adopt that cat.

Name her Jalopnik Cat.

In the same style as Top Gear Dog.

Do it.