Photo: ABC7/Facebook (screengrab)

Last night, the 405 in Los Angeles did what the 405 does: slowed traffic to a turtle’s pace, sending commuters into a bumper-to-bumper nightmare. But the bright side—literally—was that ABC7 captured the traffic from the sky, and all those cars squeezed together created a beautiful Christmas display.

Just have a look at how the taillights from one lane and the headlights from the other come together create a beautiful scene:

Sometimes the most diabolical things can look so stunning, like a translucent Jellyfish pulsing in the waves, or a vibrant poisonous frog perched on a tropical plant. Or, in this case, a traffic jam on the busiest highway in any American city just a few days before Thanksgiving.

But something tells me the view wasn’t nearly as nice from behind the steering wheel.

Hat tip to Autoblog