Total Beast Of A Driver Does 600-Mile NASCAR Race, Then Runs 14 Miles

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NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Landon Cassill not only finished the whole Coca-Cola 600* last night at Charlotte, but he ran to NASCAR Hall of Fame afterwards, exactly 13.92 miles away. Dude is a beast.


After getting out of the car, Cassill donned a pair of running shorts to start stretching and run the half-marathon distance into Charlotte, N.C., proper. That was far from the start of his preparations for the run, however. According to his website, he consumed 500 calories and 150 ounces of water prior to the race/run combo night. Additionally, he’s an avid triathlete as well as a vegan, and his normal training runs takes him 30 miles per week. Training often takes up 15 hours a week.

Cassill’s graphic also points out that the race itself was no slouch. In addition to being the longest race on NASCAR’s calendar, Cassill expected to burn 4,000 calories from physical exertion on race day and experiences up to 3G in forces on his body in the car.

Per Cassill’s tweet confirming that he made it, the entire run took him exactly one hour, 41 minutes and 49 seconds, with an average mile time of 7:19 and an average heart rate of 155 beats per minute.


Granted, this run was somewhat of a promotion for Cassill’s primary sponsor, Snap Fitness, as well as for the NASCAR Hall of Fame itself. That being said, I’d much rather see drivers do insane feats like this than hock shampoo or fake enthusiasm for the company that pays them to race.

All I usually want to do after getting out of my car is annoy the officials, drink water and loaf. Going on a half-marathon run afterwards is the best kind of insanity.


*Clarification: While Snap Fitness said 614 miles in their tweet, Cassill only managed 576.5 miles, per Pibbs says once you go Swede’s calculations. Cassill finished the Coke 600 25 laps down. Still, that’s more than I’ve accomplished all year.

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