Toronto Police Can't Figure Out Why This Car Is Dangling From A Bridge

No one knows why this happened yet.
No one knows why this happened yet.
Screenshot: Global News (YouTube)

Uh... hm. What was initially described Wednesday by Toronto police as a prop for an authorized movie shoot has since been dialed back to a complete mystery. As of now, no one apparently knows why this burned-out car is dangling from a bridge.

A police officer passing by the scene early Wednesday caught a glimpse and, just as puzzled as everyone else, called it in, reports CBC. Quite understandably, this prompted a massive emergency services response, as CBC described it, “until it was determined to be part of a movie shoot.”

Commuters on the Don Valley Parkway on Wednesday morning found themselves doing double takes after passing by the car, which was empty, burned out, and had no plates. ...

Const. Caroline De Kloet told CBC Toronto police are waiting for the movie permit office to open to see if a permit was issued.


But it wasn’t quite the open-and-shut case police had believed. Around 9 a.m., Toronto police clarified on twitter that “no movie shoot” was authorized, and the reason the blue sedan is dangling like a toy from the bridge is “still unknown.”

The car appears empty, and it’s missing a number of windows—which leave me with an even more unsettling feeling than when I first saw pictures of the scene. We’ll update the post when police have more to share.

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Definitely one of the dumbest suspension mods I’ve ever seen.