Toronto Police Are Seeking Information About This Horrifying BMW Street Racing Crash

Are there people out there who still think street racing is, somehow, not a terrible idea? Apparently, there’s at least a couple Canadians who do, if this alarming street racing crash involving a BMW 335i from this past Sunday in Toronto is any clue. This is a mess, incredibly stupid, and totally preventable.


Video of the crash was shot and uploaded to an Instagram account, Carswithoutlimits. Uh, this one had a pretty clear limit:


Incredibly, nobody was killed in this wreck, and the driver, a man in his 20s who has not had his identity released by Toronto police, is being charged with reckless driving. It appears that he was racing against the other vehicle on the wrong side of the road, and lost control when he spotted the cab heading towards him.

Toronto police are still looking for the other racer and would like to talk to the witnesses. They’ve issued a tweet with instructions on how to contact them:

Don’t street race, dummies. Take it to the track. This could have gone way, way worse.

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I’m starting to wonder if one could make a valid safety argument for having more race tracks and having them be more accessible to the public (with rules in place, of course!)