It's almost the last day of Crash Week, so we figured it's about time to revel in the spectacular stupidity surrounding car crashes. Below, our twelve favorite stupid car crashes caught on tape.

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This one's a classic "Hold my beer and watch this" moment. What's a better idea than setting the cruise control on your lifted pickup, opening the door and hopping up on the hood? Nothing, nothing is a better idea than that.

It's tough to do, but this video proves it's possible to have no spacial perception and completely fail at heeding basic hand signals.

How do you even do this? How is it possible to so effectively roll a station wagon as such low speeds. Quite impressive.

Ever wonder what happens when you count your chickens before they're hatched? This.

Does anyone look at this setup and think "Yeah, that should work out fine"? Nobody watching the video, that's for sure. A distinct sense of the inevitable failure is rewarded with a satisfying crunch.

Eddie Griffin crashed an Enzo during a promo event for the terrible car flick "Redline," it was probably a publicity stunt, which makes it even more stupid, then Griffin opened his mouth, sending the stupid into the stratosphere.

Showing off what your BMW 7-series can do, but not what it's supposed to do, in front of onlookers in a drainage culvert and flipping it because of stupidity. And some say karma doesn't exist.

Put an idiot in a Lamborghini and he's going to show off, this one put a lot of people in danger and got in an accident, screwing up his very expensive LP640 in the process. Just desserts, some might say.

Why would you put someone who obviously can't operate a manual transmission in a kit car with some very serious horsepower? We say the stupidity here is on the part of the car's owner, not of the woman behind the wheel.

Don't try to look like a badass in a Bugatti Veyron after you spin out at the track by trying to pull a donut to get back on. You will just take an embarrassing situation and make it an expensive one by backing it into the tire wall.

A Ferrari plus a opportunity to show off for other Ferrari owners during a Ferrari parade in cramped European streets practically guaranteed this type of thing would happen.

There are a lot of stupid things in this video, the people standing in the middle of a parking lot with no barrier wall while a bunch of dorks pull the e-brakes in their tooner cars come to mind.


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