Top Gear's Second New Episode's Audience Dropped By 1.6 Million Viewers

Just hang on for the second season, LeBlanc. You’re doing alright.
Just hang on for the second season, LeBlanc. You’re doing alright.

The second episode of the new, rebooted Top Gear lost 1.6 million viewers over the premiere episode, but everything is fine!


The opening episode on the new Top Gear season reached 4.3 million people while this weeks episode only managed to reach an average of 2.8 million, according to BBC News. Sunday’s episode saw a peak in viewership of 3.3 million towards the end.

The last series of old-new Top Gear with Clarkson, Hammond and May opened with first and second week broadcast viewership of 6.41 million and 6.56 million.

Unsurprisingly the new host of Top Gear, Chris Evans, took to Twitter (as he did last week) to rant about the negative reaction in the press. He was probably shouting out-loud while tweeting this.

Beyond the irony of proclaiming newspapers to be living in the past, Evans does have a point.

Total viewership for last week’s debut episode was 9 million on Sunday including the online audience. Of course that leaves out the BBC America showing on Monday and all of the other means of viewing the show that try very hard to not be counted.


While a fair point, it’s likely that a drop in the television audience will be reflected in a drop in online viewership as well, but we’ll have to wait and see what the BBC, or perhaps Evans, reports this week.


The new series still has time to land on its feet, or perhaps rethink things after this season. There are some good elements sprinkled throughout, and the Top Gear audience is one of the most vocal I’ve ever been a part of. If the show-makers don’t get the message on what is and isn’t working, they’re ignoring the messages.

Either way, I’ll be watching this entire season. Mostly because I sort of feel like I have to. Let’s talk about it.


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My parents and my wife both enjoyed watching old Top Gear with me. I loved that about the show. My wife has no interest in cars whatsoever, but she’d voluntarily sit down with me and watch. My dad became a real fan of it.

My wife and I are visiting my folks tonight, and after dinner, I flipped Top Gear on. Dad came in and we watched the last 15 minutes of last week’s episode. Toward the end, he looked over at me and said, “I don’t know if I can deal with another hour of this.” At one point, halfway through the P1 segment of this week’s episode (i.e., the first segment, maybe ten minutes into the episode), I got up to use the bathroom. When I got back, dad had already changed the channel. He shrugged and said, “I just couldn’t listen to him anymore. It’s not fun.”

“It’s not fun” is the best and most concise description of new Top Gear I’ve heard so far.