Top Gear's Pat Devereux Hearts the New 2008 Ford Bullitt

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While I've yet to drive the new Bullitt Mustang, I've definitely heard good things about it from some very good people. Heck, even Phil Floraday over at the Road that is ever-Winding gives it a thumbs up. Chalk up one more thumbs-up from an auto writer as Top Gear magazine's Pat Devereux had this to say about the new McQueen re-make:

Ford has got it all wrong with the new Bullitt Mustang. It's tried to create a modern version of the original but, as I've just finished restoring one of the 1967 cars, I think I'm in a good position to judge. The new car is nothing like a modern GT 390 - it's much better.


But why's he think it's so good?

Pat says it's all about the power:

"Using all of Ford Racing's tuning know-how, the Bullitt puts out 15bhp more than the standard car - bringing the total to 315bhp. It can also use more power, more of the time, thanks to some stouter suspension and some pretty fancy cross-braces under the bonnet."


But he's still got the same problem most of us non straight-line racers have with the 'stang:

"One feature it might have been an idea to update from the original - it can't be seen, so why not? - is the live rear axle. While drag race fans like this simpler set-up, an independent suspension would make the car handle better and more predictably. It's a bit more expensive - ah, that's why not - but it would probably be worth it."

Here's to hoping the new 2010 Mustang we've been seeing spy photos of will finally rectify that budgetary decision gone awry. [Top Gear]

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@RicKaysen: No kidding, the "new" Camaro is the General cashing in on the success of the '05 Mustang. Looks extremely reminiscient of those oh so sweet looking Camaros of the late 60's.

People thinking Watts Linkage or Hotchkiss is old, the new Corvette uses Transverse springs and a torque tube....though highly modernized.

Also, If I'm not mistaken, Ford did engineer the new Mustang's Chassis to support an IRS setup. That is, if they chose to add it later on into a premium version of the car. Doesn't make sense why the GT500 doesn't have IRS...but again the buying audience for the car would probably throw a fit about it like they did with the '03 Terminator cobra.