Top Gear's Chris Evans Got Carsick With Sabine Schmitz In An Audi R8

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Being a passenger next to a racing driver like Chris Evans’ new Top Gear co-host Sabine Schmitz can shake up most stomachs, but perhaps we expect Jeremy Clarkson’s replacement to have tougher guts in his line of work.

I know this news comes from British tabloids like The Mirror and The Sun, but they have pictures that clearly show Evans trying to get himself back together after stepping out of that Audi R8 V10 Plus for a nice breath of fresh air, so this is hardly a rumor.


I once made a fellow journalist sick driving a compact Volvo in the Alps during a snow tire test with Michelin, so yeah, these things certainly happen, but Top Gear shoots can only get harder than a few laps around Laguna Seca.

We hear stories about Evans being unable to talk while driving, and of course there was The Sun’s lengthy shitshow report that claimed the Radio 2 DJ crashed a Jaguar on his first outing, put together a team which doesn’t know anything about cars and a bunch of other highly believable things that all pointed into one direction: The wrong one.


Then again, these are all just technical difficulties. What they really need to get right is the script and the chemistry between the hosts.


Mess that up, and no Stig can save Top Gear.

Meanwhile, we are ready for whatever those two pensioners and their hobbit can come up with spending lots of Amazon’s money for our entertainment.


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