Top Gear USA Premieres November 21st, Debuts New Trailers

Amid the Lambos and Vipers, the trailer for the new American Top Gear shows off one of the last bits of information we wanted: the premiere date. Set your Tivos for Sunday, Novmeber 21st on History. Below, massive muscle-powered donuts.

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I just re-watched the Top Gear episode from last season where Clarkson compared the R8 convertible to the 911 Turbo convertible.

His conclusion was that both cars were crap, and he was right. To me that's always been one of the best things about Top Gear; they let you know honestly about the car, regardless of how fast it goes in a straight line or how much it costs.

I don't get the sense that these guys will be able to do that. I think they'll just say "I did 180 MPG and it was awesome!!!!!!" and that will be about it. That and Tanner Foust seems like a douche.