The rumors of the demise of Top Gear USA may be exaggerated, but according to those rumors, parts of the pilot for the Top Gear USA project were filmed out in sunny SoCal on the runways of the decommissioned El Toro Marine Corps Air Station. Although we've received no confirmation from BBC Worldwide or NBC on whether the pilot's filmed, much less when it may have filmed, there is a heavy amount of burned rubber on the runways — including what looks to be fresh rubber donuts. Of course, the airfield's been used in the past couple of years for everything from a driving event called the "Taste of Lexus" in September of 2006 to random acts of hoonage, and as we've no idea exactly when in the past few months these overhead shots were taken, we've no idea if it's "Gear" or just a bunch of kids running tricked-out Celicas. But if it is the track for "Gear" — and not just another kind of bull — anyone care to determine what the lines of the course would be?

[Google Maps via FinalGear]