Top Gear Season 14, Episode 6: South America Special

This is it. The YouTube open thread for the one-hour-and-fifteen-minute-long Top Gear South America special. The boys take to Bolivia, James May gets sick of his challenge car getting bumped and Clarkson uses condoms. Bitorrent not done yet? Head below.

For the moment we've got these four videos — about 35 minutes or so. If they go down, or if you want to watch the rest — feel free to hit the YouTubes and pop a new video in the comments below. Again, that's where we get the "YouTube Open Thread" we speak of above. Enjoy.



That dune sloping all the way down to the ocean was a truly epic something straight out of, well, Dune...only real!

This has definitely been an off season, IMHO, but this special more than redeemed it for me. I think it could be a case of the presenters being too comfortable and maybe even too bored in the studio (and in England altogether.)

Once you make them fish out of water and put them in increasingly uncomfortable situations that test their friendship, sanity, and anatomy, this show truly thrives.

The only glaring omission was Stig's Bolivian cousin...whom I imagined sporting either a suit made of cocaine or an Inca poncho...Oh well.