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Top Gear Russia Officially Confirmed!

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Apparently Top Gear's aggressive television expansion is now no longer limited to people who speak some form of English. The world's greatest, and now most franchised, automotive TV show in the world has just confirmed they'll be expanding to Russia. Yes, folks, that's right, a Top Gear made for Russians, by Russians will air 15 episodes starting around the end of this year. Sorry, but we're so excited we're even too stunned to make a "In Soviet Russia, something-something-something you!" joke. So take your bearskin caps and the rest of the report after the jump, you Capitalist pigs!

By the end of the year there will be a Clarksonov, Hammondchenko and Mayovski roaming the frozen steppes of Russia. Probably in Ladas. Yes, there’s going to be a Top Gear Russia. Made in Russia for the Russians. A bit like the Aussie TG, but with more back-to-front letters and fewer boomerangs. Everything’s a bit hush-hush at the moment, but we know that it’s going to run for 15 episodes initially, around the end of this year. The Russian Top Gear magazine has been doing well over there since its launch in 2004, so hopefully the locals will be familiar with TG’s ‘ambitious but rubbish’ philosophy. First up, though, we’ve got to find the local presenters. Rumours that Clarkson, May and Hammond will be making a guest appearance clad in bearskin hats remain unconfirmed. We can’t imagine there’ll be any shortage of candidates for the arduous job of thrashing supercars around the beautiful Russian outback. Or whatever the Russians call the outback. There’s no word on what studio or test track they’ll be using yet, but we have glorious visions of a giant Russian Clarkson firing up a Murcielago in a decommissioned nuclear silo, surrounded by hoards of TG faithful wrapped up in layers of wintery clothes. And bearskin hats. It’s all about the bearskin hats.


(Hat tip to Andreja!) [via Top Gear]

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Rob Emslie

Top Gear could only be improved by the addition of Vodka. Also, finally all those Dacia Sandero references will no longer be meant as jokes.