Top Gear Returns March 12th Without That Silly Star In A Rallycross Car Segment (Update)

Image via Top Gear
Image via Top Gear

Top Gear returns next month, rejuvenated again, again, and there’s more good news—that silly ‘Star in a Rallycross Car’ segment is dead. It’s been replaced with a Toyota GT86. Things sound good.

According to the announcement, the show returns to BBC 2 March 5th and BBC America Monday, March 12th*.

Coming to the rejuvenated show is the new leading lineup of Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris apparently laughing next to a bleeding Aston Martin DB11. The silly rallycross celebrity segment from last season apparently left with Chris Evans, and the new show has the stars tooling around the racetrack in a Toyota GT86, according to The List.


I’m excited for the season. It seems the two main things the last series struggled with are gone and all traces of them wiped. The consensus around these parts was that Matt LeBlanc is good, Rory Reid is good, and Chris Harris is good. Also, the Toyota GT86 is good. Let’s hope the new show is the sum of these parts.

This post and headline have been updated with the U.S. premiere date.

Edit: This post and headline have been updated again with the changed U.S. premiere date. Come on, BBC!

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Bill Caswell

Here’s my question. Do celebrities really make a tv show any better? Do any of us watch Top Gear After Clarkson because Joey is on it? Do regular people? Oh I really want to see that new car show that Matt LeBlanc is starring in? Top Car or something... I doubt it.

I think this is the problem with Automotive television. None of the people involved in producing the show are car people. When the decision goes to the network on the hosts, they all these car people? Can’t we use people we know? Like Zack Effron. People like him. Let’s make him a host! Does he like cars? Who cares? This is a tv show, not a car show!

And that’s the problem. Top Gear is the dream job for most car enthusiasts. When they hire celebrities, we know they are just acting and reading the lines. The celebrities have all the money in the world. If they wanted to take a trip to africa with car, they would have done it by now. So the actors sit there and read the lines making the whole thing seem fake and acted out. Plus we know if they were offered a job hosting the tonight show they would leave in a second.

Thats were Clarkson, May, and Hammond were different. Not only did they not want other jobs. When they lost their job, they did everything they could to recreate it elsewhere. Top Gear is their life as it would be for any real car enthusiast. Chris Harris counts for sure. I don’t really know Rory, but leaving Joey as the host makes the whole thing feel like an episode of Full House or Friends to me.

And the same exact thing is about to happen to Top Gear USA. They let everyone go and just recast the show. A lot of car guys tried out, but none were chosen. You’re getting a celebrity and a few other guys that are “good on camera” instead of real car enthusiasts...  How many times can they screw up the roboot of Top Gear before networks stop buying car shows like this?

By the way guys, Im working with a 14 emmy winning producer with one of the larger firms in Hollywood to make some awesome car shows. I won’t be in them, but I’ll make sure they’re legit and give back to the car community. My first project is with one of the most awesome build shows ever put on YouTube. The guys are signed up and were out pitching networks. So if you have ideas for a show, seriously, send me a message.

For example, I’m currently looking for people that make a living flipping craigs list cars. I need someone that actually pays taxes on them which has been the problem so far. If I put them on tv the IRS is going to come find them. So if you have an awesome idea for a car show please let me know. No one gets paid for ideas, but maybe well get some real car shows to watch on tv!