Top Gear Races Remote-Controlled G-Wiz Against Real RC Car

After May took the Jaguar XF out for a drive last night, the show took on a less-than-serious note as the boys spent some time giving out the annual Top Gear awards. In one segment, we had the opportunity to witness some sweet mod-action on the G-Wiz electric car. The boys took the G-Wiz from small and slow to fast and — well — furious. The Top Gear engineering team gave the G a few more volts in the battery department, some big racing tires for the rear and — umm — turned it into a remote controlled car. Witness the devastation unleashed upon the track by a Stig-controlled G-Wiz and the RC-gasmic explosive conclusion.

UPDATE: Don't remember why the Top Gear boys hate the G-Wiz so much? Perhaps it has something to do with the G-Wiz's terrifying crash test results?




If you get BBC America, someone finally wised up and started airing the re runs monday nights, so I guess in some sense, it is in the states. Also, there is a plan to start filming a Top Gear America, with the same presenters, testing American cars, on American soil. I can't wait for this to become a reality.