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Top Gear Pits BMW M3 Vs. Lexus IS-F, We Translate Stig's Morse Code

Illustration for article titled Top Gear Pits BMW M3 Vs. Lexus IS-F, We Translate Stigs Morse Code

If you had a chance to see last night's episode of Top Gear you'd have seen the four-door BMW M3 take to the track against the Lexus IS-F. You'd also see Stig take the IS-F for a power lap, again while listening to the sounds of Morse code. The inability to understand what Stiggie was saying / hearing due to all those dots and dashes was buggin' us, so we enlisted the help of one of America's preeminent practitioners of the code of dits and dahs — who also happens to be an avid Jalopnik reader (although he likes bikes more than cars for some reason. Jeesh, hasn't he heard the old maxim about "two wheels bad, four wheels good?" Whatever, we won't hold it against him). He's helpfully translated the two short bursts of circles and lines. Hit the jump for the full video as well as the translation.

First in-car Morse Code: "Too many gears"
That's obvious given the commentary from Jeremy Clarkson.


Second in-car Morse Code: "I like Mr Sulu"
Who knew?

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I just can't take Lexus seriously. I've never seen anyone who actually drives one daily with enough skills to even use what the old model had. I mean their name is LEXUS; ie, lawyers, middle management; people who are good at using words, not machines. They have some serious image management to deal with here.