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Top Gear, a British motoring programme about three capitalist buffoons doing nothing but driving the ultimate pleasure symbols of Western society hard working, salt of the Earth communists, is one of only three BBC shows being considered for broadcast in North Korea. Take that, Pramface.

The show joins Dr. Who (a fine example of the Juche Idea) and Teletubbies (money-obsessed scum) as the only three shows approved by North Korean officials for just the slightest consideration of being broadcast on state television, according to the Independent.


Yeah, they're not even approved yet, so who knows if it'll ever make North Korean airwaves, let alone when.

(The Independent also referred to the protracted negotiations between the BBC and state officials "torturous," and because it's North Korea, I guess we're going to have to assume that is meant to be taken literally.)

If Top Gear does make it onto North Korean state television, though, it'll likely become a hit, because North Korean state television is the only television people are allowed to watch in North Korea, and if you watch anything else there's a pretty good chance you'll be publicly executed.

It's not immediately clear what the miserable Communist state liked so much about the often silly and ridiculous car show, when pretty much nobody in the entire country is allowed to own any car, let alone the fire-breathing monsters Top Gear usually tests, but if you have any answers into the window of North Korean thinking I highly suggest a career in your country's national intelligence service.


But, yay Top Gear, I guess.

H/t to Stephen McKnight!

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