Top Gear On 60 Minutes: What You Didn't See

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If you missed last night's Top Gear segment on 60 Minutes — or jumped off something because of the unemployment segment — here's an American news magazine finally covering the most popular television show... in the world. Plus bonus footage!


Here's the full segment:

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And here's Jeremy Clarkson talking about cars he likes (Citroën!) and why no one listens to him when it comes to buying cars:

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Here's a longer recap of their visit to Alabama:

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What did you think of the show? We're just glad they didn't send Morley Safer to go for a drive with The Stig.


Battery Tender Unnecessary

As a 28-year old Dentist that bought a CLK63 Black Series based partially on Jeremy Clarkson's recommendation, I find the middle video's interview extremely relevant and ironic.